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Wavetronic 6000 Touch,
High Frequency Surgical Unit 4MHz technology, “Touch Screen Control”


• Cost- Effectiveness
• Maximum of high frequency 4MHz
• Greater efficiency compared to former electrical surgery unit (Low Frequency)
• Huge variety of electrodes for multiples speciality
• Connected to Megapulse HF FRAXX and or to Smoke Evacuator Wavevac Dual became a compact set to use and easy to transport.


Wavetronic 6000 Touch is High Frequency electrosurgical equipment that produce biophysical effects similar from laser technology, untraumatic and gentle method, precise cutting and coagulation of tissues through electromagnetic energy in the megahertz range (MHz). The lateral heat developed into adjacent tissues, at the megahertz range is significant lower instead of Kilohertz range (KHz) of Low frequency. Adjacent tissues do not present thermal damage undergo and excision result in quality pieces for histological examination, as “Cold Scalpel” realized. High Frequency method provides an excellent quality incision with minimum bleeding, quicker scaring, hypertrophic scars reduction, minimum postoperative discomfort and maximum aesthetic results.


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