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» five values for each position (Red = Right, Blue = Left, Static = White)
» static 0°
» static tilt 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°
» overview diagram static and static tilt
» online 3D-Visualisation of the mask
» optional video image for controlling counter rolling
» head position in degree
» subjective visual (SUV) in degree
» deviations in degree

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eSUV you can examine the otolithic organs (especially the utricle) which are part of the vestibular organ. It is able to test the subjective visual vertical (SVV) as well as the subjective visual horizontal (SVH). Damage or interference can cause poor posture and affect balance.

It is characterized by its compact design as an accessory to eSUV. The system includes the mask cover and a firmly connected there to joystick.
The calculation of the deviation is between the patient‘s position and the adjusted SVV or SVH. The patient controls the joystick to the right or to the left. The value is confirmed by pressing the button below the joystick. The test will be done static (0°) and in tilted positions (15°, 30°, 45°).


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