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Diagnostic ABR

NEURO AUDIO 2-channel ABR, OAE, VEMP, ASSR and ECochG System

Main Features:

  • Auditory EP (ABR, VEMP, ASSR, ECochG) and OAE testing in one unit.
  • Complete solution: screening, diagnostics, Research.
  • High quality of recording.
  • Both manual and automatic test control.
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All-in-one Solution for ABR, ASSR, Multi-ASSR, MLR, LLR/CAEP, TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, ECochG, VEMP, P300, MMN and Other Tests

A full range of objective and subjective techniques for the diagnostics of acoustic and vestibular analyzer affection, hearing threshold search is in one small unit now! Using this device you can perform ABR, ASSR, multi-ASSR, M LR, LLR/CAEP, TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, ECochG, VEMP, P300, MMN, pure tone audiometry techniques easily.

Automatic Multi-ASSR Test

Multi-ASSR test implemented in Neuro-Audio system allows minimizing test duration due to automatization (intensity switching for hearing threshold search), stimulation of both ears simultaneously using 8 carrier frequencies (4 in each ear, from 500 Hz to 4000 Hz, ), use of frequency-specific Chirp stimulus which takes into account the cochlear anatomy for the response amplitude increase. Test result is represented as estimated pure tone audiogram used further for hearing aid fitting.

High Acquisition Quality

Well-considered system characteristics (low level of amplifier noise) and software features (adaptive notch filter, weighted averaging, Chirp stimulus, calculation of statistical parameters of signal and noise, up-to-date algorithms for automatic response detection) help a physician to obtain a high-quality record quickly. All tests can be performed when patient is awake (not-sedated).

VEMP with Biofeedback

Neuro-Audio system ensures full state-of-the-art support of VEMP tests, including VEMP with biofeedback, VEMP amplitude correction by mean EMG activity level, and also a unique function of EMG histogram with the possibility of post-hoc analysis (important for children). Acquisition of bone-conduction VEMP is also possible using bone vibrator amplifier (separate unit) and B-71 bone vibrator. Supported technique variants: cVEMP (cervical), oVEMP (ocular), gVEMP (galvanic).


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