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CO2 Laser – CTL 1401

Main Features:

  • For wide range of applications
  • For non-contact surgery, vaporisation and coagulation
  • Radiation of 10600nm wavelength
  • Power of the radiation can be regulated in scope of 0-15W or 0-25W
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The CO2Azuryt CTL 1401 is a medical unit designed for a wide range of applications e.g. in dentistry, laryngology, dermatology, esthetical surgery, gynaecology, general surgery, oncology, and many others. It is intended for a non-contact surgery, vaporisation and coagulation.

Active media in the form of CO2 gas is the source of treatment radiation in this laser. The radiation of 10600nm wavelength, invisible for a human eye is absorbed quite well by water and soft biological tissues. Power of the radiation can be regulated in scope of 0-15 W or 0-25 W (depending on version). The focused laser beam causes vaporisation of the target tissue, closing blood and lymphatic vessels at the same time. Thanks to the adjusted laser parameters the patient’s pain during the treatment is minimised.

Due to the special features of laser radiation as well as precise and non-contact method of its application, the laser device Azuryt  CTL 1401 is extremely useful and often irreplaceable working instrument in a modern consulting room.


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